The Composer - The Diamond Jubilee Anthem

Leo King , an unusually widely gifted British composer, has been producing musical works for private commission for many years, delivering tuneful, richly tonal and harmonious instrumental and choral works, songs and anthems that are always appealing and exciting. His smooth and deeply-textured compositions address and appeal to a wide range of musical tastes from pop/rock, country/folk to serious light classical, orchestral and choral works. He is especially noted for splendid commemorative works that resonate with significant national, international and cultural milestone events.

His song Sydney Two Thousand’s The Place To Be was written to blend musically with Banjo Patterson's famous ‘Unofficial Australian National Anthem’ Waltzing Matilda and was featured on Australian radio in the run-up to the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Examples of Leo King’s compositions in the pop/rock genre are: Save The Blues , written to mark the 50th anniversary in 2004 of the birth of rock’n’roll (see www.savetheblues.co.uk/ ); Mother Plucker, inspired by and dedicated to Suzi Quatro (2009); and Fifties Rockers, a private commission performed by Hoogibeast at a special Surprise Fiftieth Birthday Party in 1996. His novel Christmas Carol Joy At Christmastide was performed in an Essex village church. With The Diamond Jubilee Anthem King has produced a memorable and magnificent instrumental and choral work marking in 2012 the celebration of a significantly joyous national occasion.

Leo King is currently engaged on several exciting musical projects including:

  • Developing The Music Is The Hero, his Rock Musical using the incomparable 60s smash hits of The Hollies ( www.hollies.co.uk/), which received its World Premier Showcase Performance at a private Strictly Sixties party in November 2006, produced and directed by award-winning Director Andrew Miller of the Australian and International  Ocean Theatre Company (see www.oceantheatre.com/).
  • Mentoring TheCastell Brothers : see http://thecastellbrothers.com/ - their first full length digital album, full of beautiful songs, driving alt rock-pop, haunting lo-fi melody and vocal harmonies topped off by pristine production that rouses hearts and prickles the backs of many a neck.
  • Planning the recording, with the Cantamus Choir and Orchestra of London, of his Daily song-cycle; his string quartet Packman’s Canon, blending the legendary Pachelbel’s Canon (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachelbel's_Canon) with Waltzing Matilda; and his choral poem-settings, for example, Johnny Head In Air (http://www.poetry-online.org/pudnam_for_johnny.htm) and those of the Slovene national poet France Prešeren (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France_Pre%C5%A1eren).
  • Assisting in the international creative and business development of Strictly West End : see http://www.strictlywestend.co.uk/ .

If you would like to explore becoming involved with any of these projects, please contact UNSTaBLE MUSiC by phone, FREEPOST CLUBLINE UK, or email.

Leo King would also always be delighted to discuss composing, for you alone, your own special musical work, whether choral, orchestral, a popsong, a rock anthem, a musical, a symphony, a digital ring-tone, computer game riffs… Why not commission him to produce your very own Corporate/Chairman’s Concerto, a unique Jolly Jingle for your kids’ birthday party, a one-of-a-kind Wedding Anthem just for you and your partner on that special day, or an original Dance Number for that hot party, New Year’s Eve Gala, Sports Ball or Fashion Show, or for any other celebration or event. Great music always enhances a corporate, family, personal, public or community occasion – Leo King would be pleased and honoured to compose and create that special, exciting musical component just for you. He is open to considering and developing any ideas or requests you may have – musical genre crossover or mashup proposals and conceptions particularly welcomed: “Don’t be shy, give it a try – there is a composer in all of us” is the dictum! Again, please contact UNSTaBLE MUSiC by phone, FREEPOST CLUBLINE UK, or email.